ALGARVE, portugal



Projecto TASA- Ancestral Techniques, Current Solutions

We invite designers to work with the artisans in the Algarve in the creation of new sustainable and utilitarian pieces.  There will be two residencies offered a year, one in Spring and one in Fall.

This initial residency will focus on the 4 materials of palm weaving, cork, tiles & terracotta. Hammered copper will be available by request.

Dates 2019: To be annouced soon


Who can apply

  • Designers with experience in social-design

  • Committed to problem solving with design thinking in new environments

  • Interested in experimenting and revisioning traditional techniques in natural materials

  • Process-driven designers



Algarve has a long history, much before the coming of the Romans, strongly connected to the territory resources. The rich landscape diversity that can be found here (cork forest, dry fruit farms, mountains, streams and wetlands) are responsible for deep cultural manifestations, namely in crafts, architecture, farming, gastronomy, popular art, dancing, music amongst other things. 

The use of raw natural elements continue to have a strong presence in several crafts namely: cork, palm weaving, clay, cane, wood, stone & textiles. But, modernity is rejecting many of these old customs and causing an impoverishment in the Mediterranean culture. 

How to react to this? How to save some of these ancestral arts? 

By adding value on the techniques through new ecologically, socially and economically responsible and sustainable designs. Innovative design will add value by connecting these artisans to the new contemporary era. By enhancing their self esteem, exposing opportunities and giving work to the old craft masters inspiring a new generation of craftsman. That’s what this project is about.