LISBON, portugal



Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva- FRESS

We invite designers to work with the FRESS master craftsman in 18 different workshops leading to an exhibition at the end of the year at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Lisbon.


Who can apply

  • Mid-career designers with over 8 years of experience.

  • Interested in experimenting and revisioning traditional techniques.

  • Dedicated to design quality and sophistication in the creation of their designs.


About FRESS:

In 1953, the banker and collector Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva donated the Azurara Palace and part of his private collection to the Portuguese State.

In this way the Foundation, named after him, was created as a Museum-School with the aim of protecting and disseminating the Portuguese Decorative Arts and the handicrafts related to them.


Today, besides the Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts, the Foundation has 18 Portuguese traditional arts and crafts workshops that keep alive a very significant intangible heritage of savoir-faire and ensure a specialized intervention in the Portuguese heritage through the conservation and restoration laboratory.


It also has two schools where the Arts are taught: the Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas (ESAD) and the Instituto de Artes e Ofícios (IAO), giving continuity to the transfer of knowledge, where the teaching of the arts is a priority and a mission.


After several decades, the Foundation continues to be a prestigious benchmark in the dissemination and preservation of the savoir-faire of the Portuguese decorative arts.


Emmanuel Babled our first designer created this piece with a team headed by Jorge Fonte, Pedro Doria and David Cruz, with: Carlos Ferreira, Luis Figueiredo, Luis Gomes, Luciano Silveira, Cristina Santos and Orlando Tavares.

It was exhibited in NY, at Twenty First Gallery winter 2018 and was selected for Doppia Firma by the Michelangelo Foundation, exhibited in Milan in April and Paris in May 2019. It will be exhibited during Arco Lisboa in May at the Decorative Arts Museum.


Marre Moerel is working on two pieces one with Beatriz Canha in the leather workshop in collaboration with António Almeida, Ivo Ferreira, Clara Sales. The other piece is with Miguel Alonso Duarte in the woodcarving workshop in collaboration with Pedro Dória, Luciano Sequeira, António Almeida, Cristina Santos, Orlando Tavares. Both pieces will be on exhibit during Arco Lisboa in May at the Decorative Arts Museum.


Marco Sousa Santos is working in leather detailing with Beatriz Canha and Teresa Romão in collaboration with Hugo Cardoso, Luís Gomes and Porfírio Pereira. He is also working with Leonor Dias on a light in Passamanaria in the Trimmings workshop. The leather pieces will be on exhibit during Arco Lisboa in May at the Decorative Arts Museum.


Sam Baron, is working with António Almeida and Clara Sales in collaboration with Paula Braz and Ivo Ferreira in the Latoaria and gold gilding workshops. Reimagining the traditional lantern in new lighting forms, three of which will be on exhibit during Arco Lisboa in May at the Decorative Arts Museum.