2018-2020 portugal 



open Access database

This research will result in an open access database of artisans and craftsman in 10 materials. Each of the 20 districts of Portugal will be uploaded to the website as research is complete. Our research methodologies are based on UNESCO guidelines.

We will be creating profiles on each artisan/ craftsman, their work, their history and their ateliers through visits and interviews. These profiles will serve to expose them to designers, architects, artists and other craftsmen interested in collaborating and creating new pieces.

This research will run in parallel to research by UNESCO Catedra, that is defining what are considered the heritage techniques of Portugal.

Artisans will be eligible through this partnership to receive a stamp of best practices from The UNESCO Chair in Évora if their work supports the preservation of Intangible heritage and know-how. Passa ao Futuro will promote these artisans through their website as a means of supporting this transfer of knowledge.