Passa ao Futuro’s goal is to assist in bringing together the disciplines, techniques and design thinking of artisans and designers in order to create new utilitarian products that embody the techniques of the past, responding to present needs in a sustainable and advanced way.  




A fruitful collaboration would result in a product or collection, more workflow for the artisans and more environmentally conscious designs.





Qualifiers for artisans and craftsman

  • A Practice that is based on traditional techniques and skills

  • Interest in working with designers to create innovative products

  • Committed to the transmission of skill sets and know-how

  • Collaborative


Qualifiers for Designers  

  • A practice that includes hands on design

  • Spirit of experimentation and innovation

  • Interest in keeping traditional techniques and skills alive

  • Collaborative

  • Driven to use design thinking to help solve the problems facing the artisans and craftsman

  • Conscious and aware of the role the designed object plays within the current environmental crisis